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We have Murphy Maggie/Mac who's 9 months and Maggie Maggie/Rory who's 3 months old. I flew from Kansas City 2 times to get them and boy was it worth it!They are the best dogs I've ever had for sure. Easy to train, great with my kids and just adorable. Murphy is a HUGE 60lbs already goofball with great personality. Maggie is a small sweet gentle girl. They love each and fight some just like siblings!They walk or run 2 miles every night with me and we get stopped constantly with people saying how gorgeous and obedient they are.

These people are incredibly passionate about rescue, and they work tirelessly to make sure every dog finds a home.

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He has signaled a few times he has to go out by sitting at the door, he has learned to be gentle with the kids and rough with the parents.

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However, they don't shed, are very allergy friendly, and if the hair is kept short, it's easily manageable. More…

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Wherever we go I mean, anywhere and everywhere. More…

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" "We picked Sammy up on 1/28/17 Rory and Bailey. More…

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Pups are socialized , desensitized to loud sounds, exposed to household noises, start on crate training and house breaking. More…