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More from Food: Wine column archiveBeing a poodle hybrid, the goldendoodle may get poodle hairstyles. The continental and the English saddle cuts are show cuts for poodles and involve trimming the hair that covers the face, throat, feet and the base of the tail, leaving the rest of the hair long. Groomers leave a puff of hair at the end of the tail and the base of each foot. The two cuts are similar, but differ in only one aspect: The continental cut involves shaving the hindquarters completely, while the English saddle clip involves only trimming the hair short in this area. The sporting clip poodles wear in shows may also be applied to goldendoodles. This clip is similar to the puppy cut, but the hair is left to full length on the legs.

All her classes were at Petco.

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In connection with ACSH, she has supervised numerous publications on nutrition related issues, participated in a variety of television and radio programs e.

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They keep us entertained, put smiles on our faces, they are our children's best friends, they are there for us to talk to when we are lonely and have no one else!They love us unconditionally and bring an abundance of joy and love into a family. More…

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Last week, however he developed a spot on his leg that I could not manage with homeopathics Florasone Cream and triple antibiotic ointment. More…

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Walked off leash, easy to train, lots of energy but most happy being with his person. More…

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If a dog needs medical treatment, many dedicated dog rescuers pay for it out of their own pocket. More…